Why I found that it is so important to be an Eagle and why it requires Sacrifice and risk!

To choose freedom requires sacrifice and risk!Have you ever just stood there and watched the flight of a bird‚ most particularly an Eagle?

An eagle’s life is dangerous and full of risk. His reward? He chooses where he lives and he chooses who he is with. He is not one of the crowd.

He chooses the risky path. He gets to have the rewards most only wish for. I equate that with network marketing‚ to be a real eagle is risky. The rewards are enormous!

This photo is of a needle point I did many years ago. The original is in my son’s house as celebration of his achieving the eagle badge.

I have a copy of it on my hutch behind my computer screen‚ to remind me to never compromise to believe and to achieve!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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