Be All The Way In

This is the major reason most fail

They try but they don’t put their entire heart into it They withhold a part of themselves Theyfear to go all the way in. One thing I learned early on‚ even if I come up skinned up

Its better to go all the way in.

I remember a time when I got a new bike‚ After years of not riding Now when I first started out I was a child on those old bikes no gears‚ and the brake was in the pedal I got going kind of fast going down a hill And I pushed hard on the left hand brake

Well do you know where this is going?

I landed on my butt on the pavement Now I can’t tell you how I didn’t get seriously injured Except I was “all in” all the way. And I got back on it skinned and all Now this was just a few years ago‚ and I am not a Spring Chicken But this is what I do‚ I hop on and go for it With everything I do.

And that is exactly what I did with this And if there is one thing I really believe has helped me win Its having this “All In” “I will do it” attitude. And when someone is with me in something‚I encourage them to be “All In” as well. And I know I can help anyone who has that attitude.

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