I was born in Las Animas Colorado. My parents divorced early in my upbringing. I was raised by a very strong and confident woman!

Now I found that I have lived a most full-filling life, with a family. 

I have three grown children that I am very proud of!

I have climbed many mountains in my life, and I am not telling you I am a rock climber!

Much of our challenges in life can seem like climbing an unsurmountable mountain.

It is a matter of believing and doing!

Everything I have ever done required a stretch outside of my comfort zone.

There is no real safety in the comfort zone it is a place to play small.

I have always been in business in one way or another. From salon owner, to online business coach!

I have been around network marketing for several years because I know it has the only answer to the financial disaster you and I find ourselves in! I have a passion to help people realize their dreams.

I have found the true way to make a real income from home. And now I can now share with the world what I have learned‚ and how I have grown. I have learned that success is a “learned skill.”Its not about getting lucky. Its not just for a few that get the right break.

Success is not something ellusive or magical.

It is something that you design as you go!

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Lynda Cromar

I give you straight forward no BS tips on how to move your business forward.. I specialize on keeping the Online Marketing we teach super simple.. And I really believe the philosophy of making the most of what you have! We teach how to market in a way, that works, takes away the stress.. I also like to teach a better way to market online!